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Constructed of a tempered carbon steel body and forged steel shank, the sizing below is based suitable for boats in storm conditions on average or clay anchorage. Seattle Marine, on the web, will gladly sell you the size you need. So will Fisheries Supply in Seattle or Kolstrand. Kolstrand manufactures many fine marine products including a fine winch. Merely click on their logos and prepare to enter big web stores with many fine products for the mariner and commercial fishermen who demand quality. For those of you in Alaska, Murray Pacific can help you. In Canada check with Wolfe Marine or Western Marine in Vancouver BC. In Oregon and the coast of Washington Englund Marine sells Forfjord Safety Anchors. You people in Southern California can order through San Diego Marine Hardware, and those in Florida (East Coast or Gulf states) should contact Broward Marine or Lazzara Yachts. Take a look at all of the various stores safety items while you are at it. They can save your lives...

Fisherman's Preferred Anchor
You can be sure... if it's

SELECT YOUR SIZE ANCHOR : Herein is suggested the size anchors suitable for the average model boats. Use the next size larger for heavily laden commercial boats, and for Alaskan winter waters. These boat anchors are middle weight and made of sturdy tempered steel. Be sure and call us if you have questions. Be sure, protect yourself...
TRADEMARK : "FORFJORD SAFETY STEEL ANCHOR" is cast on the body of every FORFJORD Anchor a long with its size; This is your assurance of modern design and accuracy of pitch and it is your guarantee against imitation.
QUALITY IS A TRADITION : It is a well recognized fact that FORFJORD ANCHORS is tops in quality , the metal is properly distributed to give maximum strength were needed, and the unit is protected with hot dip galvanizing assuring years of trouble free use.
CORRECTLY ENGINEERED : for specific types of services, heavy for commercial work and skillfully refined for the Yachtsman, in each forementioned case FORFJORD ANCHORS are carefully designed to prevent bending or breaking.
ALWAYS READY FOR USE : with unbelievable holding ability and no stock to unfold, it fits in the Hawse Pipe or flat on deck, as well as the Roller Chock.
EXPERIENCE : a boatsman's life gave the experience that dictated the design of these products.. Each detail is carefully attended to during the manufacturing process, resulting in scientifically correct holding ability and efficiency.
: of the spread wing flukes, with right degree angle, prevent pullout by by an adequate mooring Chain; but can easily be broken from its hold by heave in of mooring chain; these Anchors are designed to go down fast to the bottom without tangle, for a sure dig-in and complete burying, with non projected Fluke or Stock to hook the mooring Chain.
SAFETY : with bendable carbon-steel body of greater strength than its mild-steel Shank; which can be straightened cold if bent, an improvement for your benefit. The safety of your Boat is directly affected by the selection of a proper Anchor.
PRICE : the lowest for an adequate tangle-free safe-holding Anchor for your Boat; by the reason, you need only less than one-half the weight of the old style cast-iron Anchor, it is your assurance of the best possible anchoring at the lowest possible cost.

Size The Anchor

#4 size 40 ft. / 10 ton

Weight = 40 lbs. Fluke spread = 18.5" in. Fluke length = 14" in. Shank = 1.5 x 1.5" in. Shank length = 28" in.

Shackle size= 7/16" in.

#6 size 45 ft. / 20 ton

Weight = 65 lbs. Fluke spread = 21" in. Fluke length = 15.5" in. Shank = 1.75 x 1.75" in. Shank length = 32" in.

Shackle size= 1/2" in.

#8 size 55 ft. / 30 ton

Weight = 93 lbs. Fluke spread = 25" in. Fluke length = 18" in. Shank = 2.00 x 2.00" in. Shank length = 36" in.

Shackle size= 5/8" in.

#12 size 65 ft. / 55 ton

Weight = 145 lbs. Fluke spread = 28.5" in. Fluke length = 21" in. Shank = 2.25 x 2.25 in. Shank length = 40" in.

Shackle size= 3/4 in.

#18 size 90 ft. / 150 ton

Weight = 210 lbs. Fluke spread = 31.5" in. Fluke length = 23"in. Shank = 2.5 x 2.5" in. Shank length = 40" in.

hackle size= 7/8" in.

#30 size 130 ft. / 225 ton

Weight = 350 lbs. Fluke spread = 36" in. Fluke length = 27"in. Shank = 3.00 x 3.00" in. Shank length = 48" in.

Shackle size= 1" in.

SETUP : Use a chain of equal proper size for the shackle listed above for the anchor size you are seeking. Always choose high quality chain, cable or line, shackles and swivels when rigging your anchor gear. Bad ground tackle looses lives as well as anchors. Always check your anchor windlass for loose or improper mountings, possible sharp metal burrs, and make sure it has been properly lubed and readily freed for quick emergency action. Your anchor is just as important as your engine, and more so if you own a sailboat.

FOR SAFE MOORING : use a Chain or Cable length about 5 times the depth of the water from 20 feet to 100 feet. Use 4 times the depth from 100-200 feet if high wind is coming. You may use a smaller sized anchor in the summer than this list proposes as it was written for Alaskan winter conditions, if you use adequate chain and scope. This anchor was invented for safety, maximum holding ability, and less weight. A non tangling boat anchor type, it is always ready for a fast sure dig in.

The image blow is the current suggested retail price sheet for Seattle, for the year 2003 and can be printed by way of your chosen browser. Dealers call 206-784-8171. Fax 206-784-1501. Forfjord Supply is strickly wholesale. See your local dealer for retail as prices are adjusted by them for shipping costs to your area. The image below is a printable suggested price sheet for FOB Seattle.

We do build customized anchors with shorter shank length to suit the vessel and can do this if given enough lead time. Ask your dealer to do this for you by merely calling of faxing our numbers above. We also rebuild Forfjord Safety Anchors for a nominal fee depending upon size, and have them regalvanized for you. This normally occurs after 30 years with brutal use in the fishing industry and every 40 years in hard traveling yacht usage, and then your anchor normally only requires a lock and pin plus galvanizing. Bent shanks which rarely occur from rock anchoring are also replaced when we rebuild which cost a little more as the price of steel fluctuates because of energy costs. You can trade your anchor in, less the cost of rebuild, to apply it toward the larger or smaller size anchor, whatever the case may be. When you sell your vessel this service goes with the anchor regardless of ownership. No one else to our knowledge offers all of this in the Marine Industry and we have been doing this for over 50 years. The third generation of the Furford family is now running Forfjord Supply Inc., and the fourth generation builds anchors while the fifth generation learns. Even the Furford women who run the office have gone to sea. The Forfjord Safety anchor is not just a legend in it own right, but a saga of the sea and the sea people. When you strike a hammer against the head of a Forfjord Safety Anchor, you can hear it sing...

If you require the best, keep in mind we are the best in our chosen field... Just like Life Jackets or Survival Suits, Marine Pal and Machine Pal, for Arctic or Antarctic weather conditions, don't leave port without us!

Vaughn (charge) Credit card information: Seattle Marine and Fisheries Supply at the top of the page also sell retail by way of the Internet, and so do some of the other outlets for those who prefer to use credit cards. Order your Marine Pal penetrating oil from Fisheries Supply also, or Covich-Williams (Standard Oil) in Ballard. Marine Pal has been judged to be the world's finest fastest penetrating oil with many other uses.