The work begins. I already have a new left rear fender, and I obtained a good used right rear  fender, rear panel, transverse panel, and trunk lid from Mike Kerr at Roadster Restorations in California. Mike is a good guy, who shipped the panels to me promptly and cut them exactly to my specs. The quality of the parts was as he represented them, and are very good pieces. Clean, rust free Ca roadster parts.
I had the pieces sand blasted at a local shop, to prepare them for use.

Here, the damaged rear sheet metal has been cut away, using the replacement part's cut lines for reference. An assortment of spot weld drill bits, reciprocating saw, cut-off wheels , air chisel and blue wrench were used. The new fender for the left quarter does not have the inner web panel, so this was left in place  on the left side. The fender well is cut to the mid flange. There isn't much left of the trunk well on this side, so new sheet metal will be installed here. Same for the trunk floor.

The right side. The used right fender was cut inboard of the wheel well mid flange, so this fender well was cut so the metal inboard of the flange on the fender will overlap. The fender has the trunk well and inner web panel attached, so these were cut away on this side. The fender also has a section of the rocker panel, so this was cut off at the door line on this side.