Politics: Post 2004 Vote Fraud



"When in the course of human events..."

Some people are reacting with grief, some with empathy for evangelicals. My reaction is rage and a re-dedication to this war to retake our nation.

I'm disgusted (but not surprised) that Kerry immediately threw in the towel. This should have gone all the way to the Supremes, in a bitter, searing battle we would never ever forget. Stolen elections are the most profound sacrileges in a democracy. They break the faith upon which civilization is based.

We weren't always this meek. When the multinationals and absentee landlords of the colonies refused to let us up to the table, we broke ranks ("When in the course of human events..."). When the British invaded in 1812 and burned the White House, we could have given up and become second class redcoats. Instead we fought back.

We've just lost a major battle with the most vicious band of cutthroat pirates ever to conquer a nation. It means nothing to them to depopulate the seas, denude the forests, stand idly by as desperate peoples slaughter one another, use force of arms to control life-giving air and water, defraud the elderly, or subvert earnest attempts at democracy.

I have no intention of meekly accepting these corporate moguls, their neocon mouthpieces, or their Rabid Right"Christian" hordes as legitimate leaders of the United States of America. As long as I must, I will render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's via force of arms (the taxes shifted directly into cronies' pockets, and the national treasures privatized out of our hands). I will reserve my heart, mind, and soul for the better world we know can be.

I do not begrudge anyone their efforts to fit in to the evangelical new world order. Most conquered peoples go through this phase of the Stockholm Syndrome. Most of Europe laid low while the Nazis swarmed over their land, and a few even aided-and-abetted. But some true patriots left for safer lands, to plot for a victorious return. Others stayed put, learned to recognize one another, and laid the groundwork for that victory.

To the patriots, let me say: We have a lot of work to do. Meet neighbors. Establish "local food" economies. Cut dependence on imported (i.e., from Bush-states) goods and services. Personally, I don't believe in marches and vigils and letters to the editor. Boycotts, alternative media, alternative economies, and reliance on local culture seem a saner direction. Start new businesses wherever you would otherwise have to use imported goods and services.

I may be dead wrong about this, but it seems worth a try. At the least, I need to live in a quixotic fantasy world for about 4 years:-). Let me know if you want to join me there. I've put some bits and pieces together at: and am ready to link arms with like minded folks.

"When in the course of human events..."
Creator: Harry George
Updated/Created: 2004-11-19