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1. Personal Context

I have been reading about boats and boat design since I was in junior high. I have 7 linear feet of texts. Yet I seldom actually get out on the water. So far, I've been an armchair adventurer. And an armchair builder of wooden boats.

2. Overview

Humans are terrestrial creatures ill-suited for ocean travel. But by making boats we've been able to sail the world ocean - and have been doing so since prehistory. The purpose has been adventure or trade or war. The problems to overcome include storms at sea and trackless open ocean. The technologies have been sophisticated for their time-and-place (e.g., polynesian star charts and european octants; catamarans and viking long boats and oak-frame/cedar-planked shells; clipper ships and container ships).

I'm particularly charmed by small wooden boats. As Ratty in "Wind in the Willows" says, there is nothing better than simply "messing about with boats".

[Eventually I'll fill in this page. Kind of hoping to get a steam-bent-frame, carvel-planked peapod built first...]

3. References

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