Chemical Engineering



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1. Personal Background

Most of what I know about Chem Engr so far is from moulijn04. I've browsed the UW Chemistry Library, including Chem Engr sections. I've read several topic-specific texts. Nothing I've found puts the story together as clearly as Moulijn.

2. Overview

Start with Chemistry. You have to understand a chemical process in the laboratory before you can consider ramping up to an industrial scale. moulijn04 describes ramping up.

Chapter 2 describes the overall industry. There are only a few basic feedstocks and bulk chemicals, but their production volumes (measured in megatons/yr) are staggering. Even specialty chemicals are measured in tons. Every concerned citizen needs to know this chapter.

Chapter 3 covers the basic processes. The interesting point here is the focus on catalysts of all kinds. The Chemistry Library holdings back this up, with perhaps a quarter of the Chem Engr texts on that alone (and zeolites being the bulk of that).

The remaining chapters cover the industry segment by segment, explaining the chemical problem, and then the technical solution(s). Purification of feedstocks, leakage, cleanup of tail gases, plant maintenance, catalyst refreshing, etc are covered.

3. Cosmetics

If civilization collapses and we rebuild, low-tech chemicals like soap and disinfectants will be important as a start point. I therefore looked for Chem Engr texts in this area and found williams96.

It turned out to be a fascinating text. Chapters covered raw materials, hair-care, skin-care, coloring agents, baby-care, afro-products, dental, perfumes, personal hygiene, anti-persperants, regulations, quality, environment. Each gave the science of the body part (e.g., what is skin, what are its problems, what can be done to help), and then the technology to make and distribute the solution.

4. References

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