Watchbill: Release 1.0



Table of Contents

1. Work Statement

Web forms:
  mainview and edit
    72 hr lookahead (empty slots)
    per-person schedule
    per-role schedule
    upload person list
    upload role list
    upload shift list
    copy week forward

Screen snapshots of working code:

Table of Contents

table of contents

Non-editing view

main view

Editing view (before).

main edit before

Editing view (after).

main edit after

2. Development Environment

2.1. Team Structure

Role Contact Role description
System Owner TBD Provides funding and owns process
System Manager TBD Hands-on direction; trusted by System Owner to represent end user needs
Project Manager TBD Tracks plan, reports status, keeps eeryone on task
Systems ArchitectTBD Provides process/data context for project; Ensures project stays within context.
SME TBD Subject Matter Expert; provides test cases; approves/rejects beta test
Developer TBD Develops testsuite from testcases; develops code to pass testsuite

2.2. Code

SVN repository path: TBD

2.3. Bug Tracking

Tracker tool: TBD

3. Test Suite


4. Release Candidates


SVN path (and tag as needed): TBD

Test results: (autogenerated list of cases and pass/fail)

Bug tracking: Trace failures to root-cause bugs. Prepare test case(s) to trigger failure. Track until solved.

Creator: Harry George
Updated/Created: 2009-07-20