Pdx Design History


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Wanted PDF-based slides. Setup reportlab's pythonpoint as PyPt. It is too simplistic for normal use, so I'll leave it alone until it has a richer feature set.

Next brought in latex seminar, with hyperref. It has the needed features, but it took a while to get it driven by pdx. I wanted to "include" the other tests in a slide context, and that required avoiding extra preambles and postambles. Thus "test09" does everything, but for slides.


Cleaned up treatment of labels and hypertargets in latex and seminar, where we either don't want '_' at all, or want it non-escaped. Found I could use the same code, so Seminar is really quite a small subclass off Latex.

Also cleaned up treatment of texmath, using dvips...pstoimg chain.

Creator: Harry George
Updated/Created: 2002-06-24