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Personal Background

If I were any good, I'd be doing it instead of writing about it.

Art vs Art Criticism

As noted elsewhere (Creation_Myth), art is a deliberate effort to trigger Ah Ha sensations. The artist not only has to have the inspiration, but also the talent and perserverance to create the work. The viewer/listener/critic just has to emotionally respond.

As a result, being an artist is a lot harder than being an art lover or an art critic. One artist among 10,000 humans has the skill and drive to do a particular work of art, yet all 10,000 may enjoy it. Further, an artist may need a lifetime to reach that level, and only in one discipline. A great violinist isn't likely to be a great dancer or sculptor as well. Yet a reasonably informed person can observe, absorb, and respond to great works from many disciplines and many eras.

The net effect is that we need two paths to the discussion.

"When art critics get together they talk about Form and Structure and Meaning. When artists get together they talk about where you can buy cheap turpentine."

- Pablo Picasso, quoted in several secondary sources, but I've never tracked it to the original.

Art Disciplines

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