Dance Notes - Bulgaria, Macedonia & Romania

By Tom Deering - Seattle, Washington USA


These dance notes were written by me for use in the various workshops I have taught. The dances are noted based on my experience. Since there are many ways to do each of the dances, these descriptions represent the way that feels best to me.

You are free to use these notes as you like. If you use them wholesale or in substantial part, please credit me. None of the dances is copyrighted.

If you have trouble with the WordPerfect files, be sure to downoad them to your PC first (right click on the word "WordPerfect" the select "Save Target As..." or something similar). The WordPerfect files will do funny things if your browser tries to view them directly. Use MS Word or WordPerfect to view them (see the note below).

Note: On this page, the diacritical marks are coded in UTF-8. Your browser must support UTF-8 to see them. If you see gibberish in this word: "Čoček" you should consider ugrading your browser. Click Here for the cyrillic character Unicodes in UTF-8.

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Dance Notes Quick View: TEXT Format
HTML Format

 Batuta (Yves Moreau) HTML  Plain Text  WordPerfect (04/24/03)
 Čičovo Horo (Čoček) HTML  Plain Text  WordPerfect (04/25/03)
 Dajčovo Horo (5 Measure) HTML  Plain Text  WordPerfect (04/25/03)
 Floričica (Moreau) HTML  Plain Text  WordPerfect (04/24/03)
 Grančarsko Horo HTML  Plain Text  WordPerfect (04/24/03)
 Graovsko Horo HTML  Plain Text  WordPerfect (04/24/03)
 Obluk (Šopska Račenica) HTML  Plain Text  WordPerfect (04/24/03)
 Petrunino Horo HTML  Plain Text  WordPerfect (04/24/03)
 Povurnoto Horo HTML  Plain Text  WordPerfect (05/31/04) - PDF (66k)
 Pravo Trakiisko Horo HTML  Plain Text  WordPerfect (04/24/03)
 Šumensko Dajčovo HTML  Plain Text  WordPerfect (04/25/03)
 Trakiiska Račenica HTML  Plain Text  WordPerfect (04/24/03)
 Trite Pâti HTML  Plain Text  WordPerfect (04/25/03)
 Yambolsko Pajduško HTML  Plain Text  WordPerfect (04/24/03)
Slavic Macedonia
 Baba Djurdja HTML  Plain Text  WordPerfect (04/24/03)
 Berovka HTML  Plain Text  WordPerfect (04/24/03)
 Bufčansko HTML  Plain Text  WordPerfect (04/24/03)
 Skopska Crnogorka HTML  Plain Text  WordPerfect (04/24/03)
 Čučuk HTML  Plain Text  WordPerfect (04/25/03)
 Deli Bečar HTML  Plain Text  WordPerfect (04/24/03)
 Dračevka (7/8) HTML  Plain Text  WordPerfect (04/24/03)
 Dračevka (6/8) HTML  Plain Text  WordPerfect (04/24/03)
 Kopačka HTML  Plain Text  WordPerfect (04/24/03)
 Kucano HTML  Plain Text  WordPerfect (04/25/03)
 Ovčepolska Potrčulka HTML  Plain Text  WordPerfect (04/24/03)
 Ovčepolsko Oro HTML  Plain Text  WordPerfect (04/25/03)
 Pletenica HTML  Plain Text  WordPerfect (04/25/03)
 Postupano HTML  Plain Text  WordPerfect (04/24/03)
 Potrčano HTML  Plain Text  WordPerfect (04/24/03)
 Povrateno HTML  Plain Text  WordPerfect (04/24/03)
 Pravo Dračevsko HTML  Plain Text  WordPerfect (04/24/03) - PravoDracevsko.mp3
 Pravoto HTML  Plain Text  WordPerfect (04/24/03)
 Ratevka HTML  Plain Text  WordPerfect (04/24/03)
 Sitna Lisa HTML  Plain Text  WordPerfect (04/25/03)
 Topansko Oro HTML  Plain Text  WordPerfect (04/24/03)
 Žensko Krsteno HTML  Plain Text  WordPerfect (04/24/03)
Greek Macedonia
 Amoliti Gajda HTML  Plain Text  WordPerfect (04/24/03)
 Leventikos HTML  Plain Text  WordPerfect 
 Stankino HTML  Plain Text  WordPerfect (04/25/03)
 Briul Pe Şase HTML  Plain Text  WordPerfect 
 Căluşarii HTML  Plain Text  WordPerfect (01/27/05)

All the dance notes in .Zip files:

Note: The WordPerfect version of the dance notes are created in version 5.1 for DOS. At the time I wrote most of the dance notes, this version most accurately recreated the slavic latin characters with diacritical marks. These files can be easily opened in later versions of WordPerfect or other word processors, however, watch out for missing characters in the dance or place names (WordPerfect 9 and Word 2000 do an adequate job).

I will convert the notes to html in the (near) future. If you have a specific request, email me.

If you would like assistance with the dance notes, or would like me to teach any of these dances, please contact me at or Deerings_AT_seanet!DOT!com

Tom Deering


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