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  There are several consulting organizations providing various services in this space.  Three such organizations are listed below.
  • The Systems Thinking Company

    A management consulting firm specializing in systems thinking, problem solving,  business management, organizational design, and education and training.


  • BCon LIFO® International Management Training

    Description:  BCon LIFO ® International is a Management Description: Workshops on team building, communication, productivity, problem-solving and more.  We deliver or train you to deliver.  Complete teaching materials and online assessments.  35 years, 35 countries.


  • New World Communications

The New World Communications focus is on collaboration, teamwork,  organizational improvement, and education and training. See

"Hands-on" On-line Software Training Demonstration

 About this demonstration project:

  • Instructional design by Art Johnson

  • Captivate2 courseware development by Art Johnson

  • On-line training talent - Art Johnson

  • Sales, marketing, communications, and technology background - Art Johnson

The Challenge - The challenge with traditional "hands-on" software training is that it is costly and slow to implement, due to numerous scheduling challenges, transportation costs, and mutual inconvenience, etc. Once the training is finally scheduled, typically what a trainer or support person has to do is to first demonstrate the software capability, then sit there and let the end-user try the software out, while reinforcing the learning. This approach works great...but again it's costly and slow to implement, all of which can impede ramp up time and productivity, while windows of opportunity are missed.

The Opportunity - The opportunity is with innovative "hands-on" software systems training by Art Johnson of New World Communications using new Adobe Captivate2 interactive sofware. Utilizing our rich-media instructional design services, we can do the following developing on-line curriculum Adobe Captivate2 software:

  • "Let me see it demonstrated" mode - Send users to a web page where they learn the software by watching someone walking them through the software steps with special callouts and listen to a narrative voice over

  • "Now let me try" mode - After seeing the demonstrated software simulation, they then do hands-on interaction, completing each step, after each condition is met.

  • "Now let's go over what you've just learned" mode - The end-user can re-enforce his or her learning by taking a quiz. Optionally, scores can be written to a SCORM-compliant learning management system (LMS)



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