book cover Sheboygan's Lithuanian Roots: 1890-1920

Published in 2003 by Balto-Slavic Associates of Seattle, Washington, in conjunction with the centennial celebration of Immaculate Conception Church's founding by Sheboygan, Wisconsin's Lithuanian community in 1903. Balto-Slavic founders, Ann M. Buzaitis and Dena (Simacek-Svajgr) Petersen, have gathered and correlated data from many sources into a 256-page book which provides a focused starting point for researching Lithuanian ancestors from that era. Short narratives of Lithuanian history, reasons for emigration, factors which made Sheboygan attractive to the immigrants, a description of early Lithuanian arrivals and the founding of the Church, and Ms. Buzaitis' personal journey of discovery supplement the data, which is presented graphically in easy-to-read charts, maps and photos. Included are: A 150-page cross-index of the censuses of 1900, 1910 and 1920 with records of the three primary churches serving the Lithuanian community from 1890-1920. The cross-index contains more than 3,000 name entries, includes alternative spellings as found in the various records, maiden names and name changes, family groupings, and years of birth, marriage, death and immigration when known.

Church Records
1900 Census
1910 Census
1920 Census
Surname Forename Chur Event Bur Bpl Emig Rel Age Surname Forename Rel Age Surname Forename Rel Age
Abrcgowisch John               (aka Ambrosiavicz)              
Adamavich John #1       Lith <1903                    
(Kazlovski) Salomea       Lith <1903                    
  Maria ICC 1903 B   Wis                      
Adamavich John #2       Lith 1902     see Lukszys              
Adamavich John #3       Lith 1909     see Lukszys              
Adamavich Julius ICC 1905 M X Lith 1905     Adomavica Julius H 28 Tornarge Julius H 37
(Austrevicz) Daminika ICC 1905 M X Lith 1905       Dominika W 30   Dorothy W 39
  Maria ICC 1906 B   Wis         Mary D 3   Mary D 13
  John C. ICC 1907 B X Wis         John S 3   John S 12
  Julia Aniela ICC 1909 B   Wis         Julia D 8/12   Jula D 10
  Joseph ICC 1911 B   Wis                 Joseph S 8
  Peter J. ICC 1915 B X Wis                 Peter S 4 11/12
  Clement/Clarence ICC 1918 B X Wis                 Clarence S 1 2/12
Griskiavic John       Lith 1907     Griskiavic John Bo 34        
Adamovicz Maria       Lith 1903     see Lukszys       see Lukszys      
8th Ward: South to North: from Ontario Avenue to city limits (~North Ave.) East to West: from N. 8th Street to N. 13th Street
1216 Ontario Avenue
  O/R Wk   O/R Wk   O/R Wk
Bielis, Joseph R Ch            
Bukizkis, Gust   Ch            
Bielis, Charles   Ch            
Baioras, Joseph   Ch            
Baltruzaitis, Theodor   Ch            
929 Erie Avenue
      Balinskas, Anton R Pr Maliauskas, Anton R Pr
      Kudirka, Joseph   Or      
916 St. Clair Avenue
      Matulaitis, John R Gl      
1201 St. Clair Avenue
      Strasins, Andrew R Fo Strazis, Bernard O Vn
      Matulitis, Anton   Fu Strazis, Justin   Ch
            Yaudegis, Margarit   Ch
1000-1002 Michigan Avenue - American Leather Supply
1020 Michigan Avenue
      Galginaitis, Joseph R Ch      
1111 Michigan Avenue
      Strasins, Charles R Ch      
      Labutis, Pauline   Ch      
1131 Michigan Avenue
Cinkanich, George R Ch            
Bell, Frank R Ch            
   Sample Entry:
Above is a sample entry showing following several families as they appear in the Immaculate Conception church records and the 1900, 1910 and 1920 censuses.

Sample Entry:
At left is a sample entry showing the neighborhood surrounding Immaculate Conception Church and Lithuanians living in the vicinity at the time of the 1900, 1910 and 1920 censuses.

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