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NBA StatSite: The Hidden Game is the premier site on the web for NBA statistics.You'll find a comprehensive stats section containing individual, team, and league stats for every player and team for the last 10 seasons. You'll find all the standard numbers as well as different and unique stats like Points Per Possession, Points Created, Rebounding Percentages, and more. And you'll find plenty of great articles written by NBA stats fans, regularly updated throughout the season.

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NBA StatSite: The Hidden Game

Brian Harper's Sonics Stats
Updated through games of 4/6/98

Now that NSS:THG has been launched, this site will be entirely devoted to Sonics statistics and features. At least through the end of the 97-98 season. After that the Sonics stats may be moved to a Sonics fan page - stay tuned to this page for more info on that.

Disclaimer: I have built and maintain this site purely as a hobby. I am not in any way affiliated with the Seattle SuperSonics or the NBA. All statistics contained herein are unofficial.

97-98 Season

96-97 Season

96-97 Month by Month

November December January February March April
Team Team Team Team Team Team
Individual Individual Individual Individual Individual Individual

Feature Articles

See Sonics Extra for links to other Sonics-related sites.
See Explanation and Key to Stats for more information on the methods used on this site.

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