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Processing a Special Input Character as White Space

$wspace character$$

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Deprecated 2006-07-07
This command has been deprecated and the newlinech command is the preferred way to encode OMhelp commands in source code for a language that does not have multiple line comments.

All subsequent occurrences of the first character in character are converted to the space character. There can be no $ characters in character . In addition, leading an trailing white space in character is ignored.

Some computer languages do not have a multiple line comment mode. The wspace command enables you to put OMhelp commands in the source code for these languages. The input
     % $wspace %$$
     % $bold Syntax:$$ $codei/[/y/] = logdet(/x/)/$$
     % $wspace $$
results in
% Syntax: [y] = logdet(x)
Note that the % that occurs before the first wspace command is not converted. You can avoid this by placing the wspace command on the same line as the begin command for the section. For example, the input
     % $begin ThisSection$$ $wspace %$
does not result in the first % being output because all characters before the begin command are ignored.

Characters in the index and other commands are also converted.

The wspace command has effect till the next such command is executed or the end of the current section (which ever comes first). The command
     $wspace $$
removes the effect of the current wspace command without providing a new character that is converted to a space
Input File: wspace.omh