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OMhelp Wish List

Add a language definition for OMhelp to the srcfile command; see bin/ .

Comment Character
It would be nice to allow for more than one character in the newlinech command so that C++ // comments can be recognized. Perhaps this should be a new command called nlcomment.

Add an option to put a jump table at the top of each section, instead of the Headings drop-down menu at top, because a jump table is more standard.

Currently the MathJax does not display properly on a secure server; see secure access

Print a warning when a spell command entry does not appear in the corresponding section.

Change the $th command to use the same font as $icode.

Only commands that do not allow other commands inside should be terminated by the $$. Use a special termination command for others; e.g., $center could be terminated by $endc.

Add command line argument so there is no default escape character (backslash is often missing from output because it is escape character).

Have a way for verbatim command to refer to current file (so works automatically when one moves or copies the file).
Input File: wish_list.omh