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Changes and Additions to OMhelp During 2004

This section contains a list of changes to OMhelp during 2004 (in reverse order by date). Its purpose is to assist you in learning about changes between versions.

Suppose that sections First, Second, ... , Last were multiple sections in one file, the previous link for a sibling that came after Last pointed to the Section First instead of the Last . This also caused duplicate numbering in the printable output. This problem has been fixed.

OMhelp used to put keyword meta commands only in the header for the frame that displays an entire section and not the other frames within a section. This was not optimal with respect to internet search engines because they not only look at the keyword list , they also look for occurrences of the keywords in the text of the frame. OMhelp now puts the keyword list in the header for all the frames (except the automatically generated frame containing only links). In addition, because this will lead to search engines pointing to frames that display only part of a sections information, the link in the upper right hand corner to the corresponding entire section was made more visible by changing it from this to This Section (except for the first frame in each section which already contains a list of section links including one to this).

The th command was changed to use italic instead of math font and to have a dash between the index and the th.

If linking text is specified in the href command, the URL is not included in the visible output. This made it difficult to follow such links when reading printed output. These URLs are now included in the printable case.

All the letters form A through Z were included as headings in the keyword index and function reference . Now only the letters that actually have entries under them are included.

In some cases, there was an XML parsing error in the function reference section. This has been fixed.

The proper marker for a disk in the list command is disk. It was documented as disc and this has been fixed.

There was a bug in the handling of a comment occurred at the last line of a latex command. For example
     $latex x_1 % this is a comment$$

The unix version of files omh/build and omh/getstarted/RunAll did not have the executable flag set. This has been fixed. In addition, the file name omh/Browser.omh caused problems for the omh/build command in Unix because it should have been omh/browser.omh This has been fixed.

The command
was changed to $OMhelpKeyCharacter= .

Some languages, for example R, make special use the $ character. This can make it difficult to have sections of code that are also OMhelp documentation when the dollar sign is used as the OMhelp Command Key character . A new command has been added that enables one to change this character.

There was a bug in the Latex macro command. If a macro definition had a { with out a matching }, the macro scanner would run of the end of the user input with out detecting the error. This has been fixed.

There was a bug in the macro search that caused to program to crash some times when it was checking if a normal command was a macro. This has been fixed.
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