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Standard Output Information

OMhelp prints a trace of its activity on standard output to show that processing is proceeding and to help in debugging.

Version Identification
The first output line contains the date corresponding to the version of OMhelp that is being run.

Input File
A line of trace information is printed for each input file. The line begins with the name of the file that is being processed. The file being processed appeared in a contents, childtable, or children command of one of the previous files (see Specifying Children in Contents Tree). The level of indentation for each file is one space greater than the level of indentation for the file that contained the command causing it to be processed.

Cross Reference Tags
The cross reference tag for each of the sections that are defined in the file are printed following the file name and on the same line.

Error Messages
OMhelp error messages begin on a separate line with the text OMhelp Error:. These errors cause OMhelp to terminate with a non-zero exit status .

Warning Message
OMhelp warning messages begin on a separate line with the text OMhelp Warning:.

It is often useful to redirect standard output to a file so that you can review the input tree, warnings, and the error messages.

The include command does not cause the name of the corresponding file to be printed on standard output.

The Build Documentation instructions for unix and unix store the example output file in which is listed below
OMhelp: Version=20160926, ndebug=false, win32=false

omhelp.omh: OMhelp:
 ../../omh/license.omh: License:
 ../convert.h: convert:
  ../convert.c: ConvertNewline: ConvertOutput: ConvertAddColumn: ConvertSetTabSize: ConvertPreviousNewline: ConvertInternalString:
 cross.omh: cross:
  automatic.omh: automatic:
   ../automatic.c: AutomaticAppendSection: IsAutomaticSection: AutomaticTag:
   ../AutomaticLink.c: AutomaticLink:
   ../content.c: content:
  ../cross.h: CrossReference:
   ../cross.c: CreateCrossReference: FindCrossReference: DefineCrossReference: NextCrossReference: FreeCrossReference:
  ../href.h: href:
   ../href.c: HrefOutputPass1: HrefOutputPass2: HrefPrintablePass2: HrefEnd: HrefAddList: HrefOutputList: HrefFreeMemory:
  ../index.c: KeywordIndex:
  ../relative.c: relative:
   ../links.c: links:
  ../search.c: search:
  ../url.c: Url:
 ../execute.h: execute:
  ../execute.c: ExecuteNextFile: ExecuteSetFile: ExecuteWriteFile: ExecuteFree:
 ../input.h: input:
  ../input.c: InputGet: InputInit: InputPush: InputPop: InputName: InputLine: InputAddPath: InputSearch: InputSplitName: InputFree:
 output.omh: output:
  ../FrameSet.c: FrameSet:
  ../HtmlHead.c: HtmlHead:
  ../output.c: PushOutput: FormatOutput: OutputString: OutputChar: PopOutput: OutputName:
  ../output_text.c: output_text:
 ../section.h: SectionInfo:
  ../section.c: SectionInfoNew: SectionDefaultStyle: SectionFreeTree: SectionFind: SectionSetTag: SectionNumber: SectionTagNotDefined: SectionReadOrder: SectionNavigate:
 string.omh: string:
  ../StrLowCase.c: StrLowCase:
  ../SplitText.c: SplitText:
  ../StrCat.c: StrCat:
  ../StrLowAlloc.h: StrLowAlloc:
  ../str_alloc.h: str_alloc:
  ../strjoin.h: strjoin:
  ../StrRemove.c: StrRemove:
  ../ClipWhiteSpace.c: ClipWhiteSpace:
  ../UniformWhiteSpace.c: UniformWhiteSpace:
  ../int2str.c: int2str:
  ../FileEqual.c: FileEqual:
 ../../build/src/omh/misc.omh: misc:
  ../allocmem.c: AllocMem: c_alloc:
  ../BinarySearch.c: BinarySearch:
  ../children.c: children:
  ../Color.c: Color:
  ../copyfile.c: copyfile:
  ../fatalerr.c: fatalerr:
  ../funref.c: FunRef:
  ../head.c: heading:
  ../highlight.cpp: highlight: file_ext2lang:
  ../Internal2Out.c: Internal2Out:
  ../LatexAtomic.c: LatexAtomic:
  ../latex.l: LatexLexPut: LatexLexHistory:
  ../LatexMacro.h: LatexMacro:
   ../LatexMacro.c: LatexMacroUserInput: LatexMacroFree: LatexMacroGetCh: LatexMacroInputLine: LatexMacroInputFile: LatexMacroExpandInput: LatexMacroExpandLine: LatexMacroExpandFile: LatexMacroExpandName: LatexMacroKeep: LatexMacroPopFullyExpandedInput:
  ../lexomh.c: CommandKeyCharacter: TokenCode2String:
  ../math.c: math:
  ../pending.c: pending:
  ../spell.c: spell:
  ../style.c: style:
  ../trace_exit.c: trace_exit:
 glossary.omh: glossary:
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