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Example Using Verbatim Inclusion of a Text File

The verbatim command enables one to include all of part of a text file. This avoids having to maintain a separate copy of the corresponding information in the documentation. (For example, the output of a program which might change over time.)

Execute The Following Steps

Use an editor of your choice to create the file verbatim_example.omh in the test directory with the following contents:
     $section Example Inclusion of Text File Information$$
     $head Contents of verbatim_example.dat$$
     $head Just Program Output$$
     $verbatim%verbatim_example.dat%5%PROGRAM OUTPUT%$$
     $head Just Input Parameters$$
     $verbatim%verbatim_example.dat%5%INPUT PARAMETERS%PROGRAM OUTPUT%$$
Note that you can copy and paste the commands above to your editor window. You may just copy the file with the same name from the getting started directory .

Example In This Web Site Context
You can view the result of making verbatim_example.omh part of the OMhelp help web site by selecting verbatim_example .

Execute OMhelp
In a command window and in the htm directory execute the following command
     omhelp ../verbatim_example.omh -noframe

Example by Itself
Use a web browser of your choosing to view the file test/htm/verbatim_example.htm .
Input File: getstarted/start_verbatim.omh