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Specify The Title For A Section

$section title$$

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This command specifies the title for the current section. A section starts with a begin command and ends with an end command. There must be one and only one section command in each section. Leading and trailing white space in title is ignored. In addition, other white space characters in title are interpreted as simple spaces. (The browser used to display the HTML will decide how to break the title into separate lines.) There cannot be any $ characters in title .

The aindex command can connect the section command to the mindex command. (To make this connection, it must appear before the section command.) If this is the case, the section command automatically generates a request of the form
In this case, occurrences of the escape character in title has the special meaning defined for the mindex command. These characters do not appear in the displayed title.

The heading for this section was created with the command
     $section Specify The Title For A Section$$

Input File: title.omh