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OMhelp was originally developed by Brad Bell to document (O-Matrix ) which has source code in multiple languages. OMhelp extracts the documentation from the source code and generates an HTML or XHTML+MATHML web site that contains the corresponding help files. It can also be used to create a web site not related to a program. It enables you to divide your help or web site into separate files and to track changes using source code control (in the case of a program, the same source code control at the same time). OMhelp makes it easy to build a large help system or web site, by tracking both internal and external links.

Table of Contents
Your License for the OMhelp Software
The Purpose and Motivation for OMhelp
Installing and Testing OMhelp
Getting Started Using OMhelp
Running The OMhelp program
Reading Input Files
Specifying Titles, Headings, Tags, and Limits of a Section
Cross Reference Linking
Page Layout and Text Formatting
Using The OMhelp Spell Checker
Using Latex Math Formulas in OMhelp
Other Miscellaneous Commands
Problems Using Certain Browsers With OMhelp
OMhelp Wish List
Changes and Additions to OMhelp
Alphabetic Listing of Cross Reference Tags
Keyword Index
Search OMhelp Documentation
External Internet References

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