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Mozilla Bug Report For Negative Width in Mspace Command
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It appears to me that negative values for number are valid in the MathML command
     <mspace width="
commands. In addition, it appears to me that Mozilla version 1.2b for MS Windows is not displaying negative spaces correctly.

Reason for Negative Spaces
Here is the reason that it appears so to me. In Section of
the value of the attribute width is specified as a number followed by an h-unit. In Section of
a number is defined as " decimal integer or rational number (a string of digits with one decimal point), optionally starting with '-' ".

Examples of Incorrect Display
A positive space display is demonstrated by the following input
     <mi>x</mi><mi>y</mi><mspace width="1em"/><mi>z</mi>
which generates the output
@(@ \mathml{ xyz } @)@
The negative spaces do not display correctly as demonstrated by the following input
     <mi>x</mi><mi>y</mi><mspace width="-1em"/><mi>z</mi>
which generates the output
@(@ \mathml{ xyz } @)@
Finally, note that a useful negative space example is included in the file
Input File: latex/NegativeSpace.omh