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Commands Used to Display Lists of Items

$list marker$$

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These commands are used to enumerate a list of items. The list command begins a new list. The lnext command marks the end of one item and the beginning of another. The lend command marks the end of the current list. Any combination of text other commands and text can be placed between these commands.

The marker argument in the list command specifies the type of marker used to label each entry in the list. It must be one of the following values
Value Description
disk a disk
circle a circle
square a square
number arabic numbers
alpha lower case alphabetic characters
Alpha upper case alphabetic characters
roman lower case roman numerals
Roman upper case roman numerals

The input
     $list number$$ One
     $lnext $italic Two$$
     $lnext $code Three$$
results in the list
  1. One
  2. Two
  3. Three
You can nest one list list within another: For example,
     $list Roman$$ One
          $list number$$ first
          $lnext second
          $lnext third
               $list square$$ some
               $lnext list
               $lnext entries
     $lnext $italic Two$$
     $lnext $code Three$$
results in the list
  1. One
    1. first
    2. second
    3. third
      • some
      • list
      • entries
  2. Two
  3. Three

The list begins with a list command and extends until the corresponding lend command. The lnext command can only occur inside of a list.
Input File: list.omh