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Changing the Command Key Character $


This is the only OMhelp command that does not occur between a $begin, $end pair. It instructs OMhelp to use the single character specified by c as the Command Key character (in place of the default character which is the dollar sign $.)

The character c can not be an alphabetic letter, a decimal digit, or white space.

The effect of this limited to sections that have there $begin and $end commands in the same file.

The input file keycharexample.omh contains the text
     @begin KeyCharExample@@
     @section Command Key Character Example@@
     @include keycharinclude.omh@@
This input results in the following section: KeyCharExample .

The input above includes the file keycharinclude.omh which contains the text
     OMhelp: Language Independent Embedded Documentation
               Copyright (C) 1998-2015 Bradley M. Bell
     OMhelp is distributed under the terms of the
                 GNU General Public License Version 2.
     This file is included by keycharacter.omh and keycharexample.omh.
     @head Include File@@
     This is text comes from the file @code keycharinclude.omh@@
     which is included by @code keycharexample.omh@@.
     Note that the command key character in @code keycharinclude.omh@@
     is the same as for @code keycharexample.omh@@.

Input File: keycharacter.omh