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Getting Started Using OMhelp

The first step is to install OMhelp on your system. Then you can run any of the getting started examples listed below.

start_simpleGetting Started With A Simple Section
start_headHeadings and Subheadings Example
start_imageAn Example Using Images
start_prePreformatted Text Example
start_fontExample Using Font Commands
start_spellSpelling Command Example
start_latexAn Example Using Latex Math Formula Commands
start_verbatimExample Using Verbatim Inclusion of a Text File
start_srcExample Including Source Code
start_embedEmbedding OMhelp Commands in Source Code
start_multipleAn Example With Multiple Input Files and Sections
start_crefAn Example Linking To Other Pages In The Same Web Site
start_indexAn Indexing Example

Getting Started Directory
Each of the examples above request that you create one or more files using the editor of your choice. You can instead just copy the corresponding file from the directory
relative to the distribution directory
created during the installation of OMhelp . If you have the bash shell on your system, there is a script file that can be run with the command
This will run all of the getting started examples. The resulting web site files will be in the directory
     cd omh/getstarted/htm

Input File: ../build/omh/getstarted/get_started.omh