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Specifying Fonts Type and Size

$font text
where font is fixed, code, italic, big, or small.

See Also
getting started , special , format

The following describes the meaning of each of the possible fonts:
font Description
fixed a fixed pitch font
code a computer code font
italic an italic font
bold a bold font
big a bigger font size
small a smaller font size
Any sequence of commands may be present in text ; i.e., there may be occurrences of the $ character. If a space is the first character in text , it is ignored.

The following table contains an example for each of the fonts:
      Input Output
$fixed Text$$ Text
$code Text$$ Text
$big Text$$ Text
$small Text$$ Text
$italic Text$$ Text
$bold Text$$ Text

You can change the font in a heading For example,
     $head f(x)$$
would result in the heading below


This heading is the result of the example code directly above.
Input File: font.omh