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Dividing A Section Into Frames

$fend percent$$

Deprecated 2006-07-07
With the advent of the -noframe command line argument, the use of frames is being discouraged.

The argument percent is an integer that specifies the percentage of the entire window that the frame directly above is allocated.

The frames corresponding to an OMhelp section are number one through n where  n-1  is the number of $fend commands in the section. The i-th frame corresponds to the input before the i+1-th fend command. Each frame can be scrolled separately and some cross reference commands replace a single frame instead of an entire section. For example, the cross reference link at the beginning of this paragraph will replace only the first frame in this section.

The text you see in the frame above this one was generated by the following commands:
     $begin $end$$
     $dollar @$$

     $index fend$$
     $index split, section frame$$
     $index section, frame$$
     $index frame, section$$

     $section Dividing A Section Into Frames$$

     $bold Syntax$$
     $cend $codei/@fend /percent/@@/$$ $rend
     $bold See Also$$
     $cend $mref/head/$$

Effect on Links
If both a section tag and a heading are specified by a cross reference link, only the first frame of a the current section is replaced by the link. For example, if you select xref headings , only the first frame of this section will be replaced by the link. On the other hand, if you select xref , this entire section will be replaced by the link.
Input File: fend.omh