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Difference Between MathML(xml) and MathJax(htm) Display

This section lists the known difference between how MathJax and MathML display Latex commands.

MathML (xml)
To get the MathML display of this page select diff_xml_htm.xml .

MathJax (htm)
To get the MathJax display of this page select diff_xml_htm.htm .

The mathml macro is not support by the MathJax. For example, the input text
     $latex \[
          \mathml{ <mi mathvariant="bold">x</mi> }
     \] $$
displays as @[@ \mathml{ x } @]@

Sub-script and Super-script
The input text
     $latex \[
          x_12, x^12
     \] $$
displays as @[@ x_12, x^12 @]@ See the sub-script and super-script warning .
Input File: latex/diff_xml_htm.omh