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Displaying the Copyright Symbol ©

$cmark character$$

See Also
dollar , rmark , newlinech

All subsequent occurrences of the first character in character are converted to the © symbol. There can be no $ characters in character . In addition, leading and trailing white space in character is ignored.

The input
     $cmark !$$
     Copyright! Harmonic Software
results in
Copyright© Harmonic Software

Characters in the index and other commands are also converted. For example, given the cmark command above,
     $index !$$
is an index command corresponding to the © symbol.

The cmark command has effect till the next such command is executed or the end of the current section (which ever comes first). The command
     $cmark $$
removes the effect of the current cmark command without providing a new character that is converted to the registered trade mark symbol.
Input File: cmark.omh