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Arrow Symbols
Syntax $latex Command $$

XML dependently interpret the arrow symbol specified by Command where Command is one of the Latex commands in the tables below. The following tables contain the arrow symbols in Table 3.6 of Lamport .

Note that all the symbols that begin with long (from \longleftarrow though \longmapsto) and \leadsto are in the list of symbols that MS Internet Explorer does not display properly. Also note that \longmapsto is in the list of symbols that Firefox does not display properly.

Arrow Symbols
Command Output
\leftarrow  \leftarrow           
\Leftarrow  \Leftarrow           
\rightarrow  \rightarrow          
\Rightarrow  \Rightarrow          
\leftrightarrow  \leftrightarrow      
\Leftrightarrow  \Leftrightarrow      
\mapsto  \mapsto              
\hookleftarrow  \hookleftarrow       
\leftharpoonup  \leftharpoonup       
\leftharpoondown  \leftharpoondown     
\rightleftharpoons  \rightleftharpoons   
Command Output
\longleftarrow  \longleftarrow       
\Longleftarrow  \Longleftarrow       
\longrightarrow  \longrightarrow      
\Longrightarrow  \Longrightarrow      
\longleftrightarrow  \longleftrightarrow  
\Longleftrightarrow  \Longleftrightarrow  
\longmapsto  \longmapsto          
\hookrightarrow  \hookrightarrow      
\rightharpoonup  \rightharpoonup      
\rightharpoondown  \rightharpoondown    
\leadsto  \leadsto             
Command Output
\uparrow  \uparrow             
\Uparrow  \Uparrow             
\downarrow  \downarrow           
\Downarrow  \Downarrow           
\updownarrow  \updownarrow         
\Updownarrow  \Updownarrow         
\nearrow  \nearrow             
\searrow  \searrow             
\swarrow  \swarrow             
\nwarrow  \nwarrow             

Input File: latex/arrowsym.omh