We are dedicated to the simple premise that function and art are not mutually exclusive. We strive to always create simple, functional and aesthetically pleasing products. The simple beauty of a Swiss Army knife is a constant inspiration.

The “Networker“ is one of many drinkware items that were developed for PMI, a manufacturer of Starbucks products. Design work included the shape and engineering of a new line of soft rubber handles.


This stainless steel Eddie Bauer travel mug is another example of products developed for the retail coffee industry.

“The Pepper Ball” was designed around Chef’n’s original pepper grinder patent. The design has attained classic status and is sold worldwide.



The Crescent Stand is manufactured by Enclume and is sold exclusively through L.L. Bean Catalogs.

The “Garlic Peeler” does what its name suggests: it cleanly peels garlic cloves by forcing them through a polycarbonate basket.


Chef’n corporation designed the original cylindrical garlic press. Though others have tried to imitate it, this design re-established Chef’n as the leading manufacturer of these products.


The “Big Cheese” was developed for Chef’n Corporation. It has a design and utility patent for its unique collapsible design. The blade has the same cutting radius as the wire on a wire cheese cutter and cannot cut the user.



The “Cheese Machine” was designed for Chef’n Corporation. This device both slices and stores cheese.

This mouse was designed for Ready Information. It can be used as a desktop mouse or independent of a flat surface.


This headset was designed for Ready Information. It was one of the original virtual reality products and was featured in a full color article in the magazine “Home Office”. It was also shown at a trade show in San Jose, California and worn by Walter Cronkite.

These toy airships can be branded with a company logo or other graphics. They are hand wound and are ideal for flying indoors at tradeshows, parties, or other events. They come fully assembled and can be flown by anyone. No previous flight experience necessary.


The Goodrich Aerospace performance was held in an airplane hanger at Paine Field. The blimp dropped candy and sprinkled snow over the company's Christmas party of three thousand.

Complex surface models. Solid Works Pro Engineer and other 3D modeling programs.