Year of the Rat

How Bill Clinton Compromised U.S. Security for Chinese Cash

Edward Timperlake, & William C. Triplett II

Regnery, 1998, 275 pp. Hardbound, $24.95

"Our thesis simple: The Clinton administration has made a series of Faustian bargains and policy blunders that have allowed a hostile power to further its aims in Washington. In the main, Bill Clinton and Al Gore did it for money....

In these pages, we will show that in order to gain and hold onto power, the Clinton administration has acted recklessly, allowing the wrong people to gain access to our most important political and economic secrets. Any number of Chinese arms dealers, spies, narcotics traffickers, gangsters, pimps, accomplices to mass murder, communist agents, and other undesirables will appear in these pages, all associated in one way or another with White House and money....

Did the Clinton administration sell out America's national security to one of this country's leading and most dangerous adversaries merely to raise campaign cash? In these pages ... we will prove our answer, which is yes"


In the Year of the Rat, congressional insiders and national security specialists Edward Timperlake and William C. Triplett II cast a glaring light on the worst scandal behind the Clinton presidency and it's not sex in the Oval Office.

The Clinton-Gore administration has willingly compromised American security for millions of dollars in illegal campaign contribution fro foreign businessmen linked to organized crime and military and intelligence agencies of Communist China--the only country currently targeting America with nuclear missiles.

The authors have penetrated the so-called : "China Connection" in a way no one else has, with on-the-spot reporting from the dangerous gang-world of Macau, with access to sensitive official documents, and with new evidence of corruption that is simply staggering.

In Year of the Rat you will learn:

Timperlake and Triplett unravel Clinton's web of deceit and follow the dirty money to the gambling dens, brothels, and Communist Chinese intelligence operations of East Asia, exposing the betrayal of America-- by the White House.

Edward Timperlake is on the professional staff of the House Committee on Rules dealing with national security. A Naval Academy graduate and former Marine fighter pilot, he has spent his entire life in national security service. He lives with his family in Annapolis, MD.

William C. Triplet II is the former chief Republican counsel to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. He has thirty years of experience working on China and national security. He lives with his family near Annapolis, MD