Gus R. Stelzer

Gus R. Stelzer is a retired executive of General Motors Corporation. In his last year with GM, he was responsible for 1,000 dealers and 35,000 employees who did $2 billion in annual sales. He is also a former member of the World Affairs Council, the institute of the Americas, and the Advisory Council of the School of Education, University of San Diego. He has published over 100 articles on trade and economics, including a 1987 booklet Free Trade and the Constitution.

In 1993, Stelzer was named a Director of the American Council for Economic security. He and the Council are working to regain America's sovereignty and reverse the 20-year decline of our social and economic order, through changes in trade, monetary and immigration policies.

In this book, Stelzer explodes the myth of a global economy and reveals how a Trojan horse, bearing an enticing, but fraudulent banner of Free Trade, is destroying America from within.

Despite a 3,000 percent increase in foreign trade since John F. Kennedy dreamed of a global Camelot, America is worse off from nearly every standpoint, including a national debt that has increased 1,420 percent to 4.5 trillion. [1994]

The Nightmare of Camelot ...An Expose of the Free Trade Trojan Horse, 375 pages, hard bound, $24.95

..."when a car with a factory-to-dealer price of $10,000 leaves detroit its price includes over $4,600 in direct taxes, and over $20,000 in taxes based on conservative multiplier effect ratios, to pay for all of the above extra features. You cannot say that about any car from Japan or any other country." [some of the above quality features Stelzer refers to are: Military Defense, Police protection, Public Schools, Public Libraries, Fire Prevention, Sanitation Services, Social Security, Public Hospitals, Food Stamps, Parks and Recreation areas,Good roads, street and bridges, World's highest living standards.] p. 309

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