I am but a body
A mass
Taking up space
A singular
Unimportant object
With no meaning,
A nothing
You ask me why
We are here,
I don't know
The answer, but
I pray for
Each other
Each of us just
A piece
Of the great puzzle.
Used and maneuvered by...
Good? Evil? surely
We will never know...
Until we die.
For then all
Mysteries are revealed.
Particles of nothing,
For we are nothing,
Never will be anything.
Insignificant parts of
A whole. The universe.
Extending for all eternity.
Though we die.
Created then destroyed,
But forever here.
Dust after we die.
Dust before we died
Dust, just

Poetry Copyright 1996 Lora Smith
Art Copyright 1996 Robert Luttrell