Soul Mate

My intentions are not to be disobliging
Don't cast me away
I don't open a scroll,
Cross off names with a feather pen
Self-induced hypnosis helps me through the black days
I already feel cursed,
Tainted by innuendo
Withering on the vine
I brandish a white cane,
Walking the halls of the labyrinth,
Searching in the desert of broken dreams,
Knocking on the wrong doors,
Fallen victim to the false prophets of love
I ask no vengeance,
I ask for you,
The brightest diamond,
The flower with the biggest bloom,
Source of radiance and inner beauty,
Foolishly ignored
Missed in the garden of hope
Tapping me on the shoulder,
Staring me in the face like an image in a mirror
You are the medicine,
You have the power to heal
I wear the smile on your face
Shine your light on me

Poetry Copyright 1995 Kieth Corcoran
Art Copyright 1995 Robert Luttrell