Dancing Flutes

What music goes from right to left
We all know it goes up and down
But usually it goes from left to right
That's how we get the sound

But dazzling sound like from a flute
Now that's something to be heard
I actually saw it once before
But my memory is obscure

It may have been a painting
Or it could have been a book
For I truly saw some dancing flutes
Somewhere by a brook

I know the story Pied Piper
And it could have been a guess
But you see I have an imagination
That comes just like a guest

When this minstrel played this tune
A glistening light appeared
Like one of those dancing balls
And then the notes could be heard

A quarter note, then a flutter
And what suddenly appears
Well it's this silly dancing flute
Accompanied front and rear

They continued to bounce around
With a grace unknown to me
Just like they were dancing
In such gleeful reverie

Suddenly it all halted
Just like it began
If I'm a lying, I'm a dying
To play this tune again

Copyright 1995 Robert Luttrell