The Day Of Six Eagles

A balmy day with sun and clouds
Nothing expected just a walk in the woods
Spring was edging its way into new bloom
My pack filled with essentials and goods

No site of others a light feeling in the air
A feeling of magic with a breeze that was fair
Just a walk into a valley with rivers and ponds
Many Oak trees and Cottonwoods are there

Waterfalls appeared, there happen to be three
Three rocks were found in the mist by their pools
Special rocks made smooth by the current and sand
The magic they expelled was felt in my hands

To the lower valley I walked with intent
When appeared an eagle up high on a limb
Then suddenly an idea which I could clearly see
The power of one rock must be left by this tree

Then further I traveled along the wet narrow path
When then I sited three more eagles in flight
They navigated to branches on a huge cottonwood
While all the time they kept me in sight

Below in the hollow of this second old tree
I left the rock from the pools of the mist
A present bequeathed to the magnificent luck
To see four eagles while out in the wild

While walking past at much too close a distance
The youngest of eagles did peer at me queerly
Like sizing to see if I could be snared
So eerie a feeling to be experienced out there

Further down the trail I see two more perched
Unbelievably tranquil with me on the scene
Like it was expected to happen this way
The third rock I dedicated some distance away

The birds just observed like giant looming angles
I continued forwards like they were my guides
Upon leaving there presence a chill filled my spine
To the day of six eagles and the wonderful skies

On the trail before me a white rock appeared
It echoed from a whisper on the wind
Keep this as a token of this sign we have given
On the day of six eagles and the question within

Copyright 1995 Robert Luttrell