Children Teachers And Students

Teach the story of a child's love
Carry the light from which they came
Into the earth they go once again
Till the morning of waking pain

Realize the things they can't have
Bring a question of why they are sad
Do we really need what our minds desire
Or is it the ropes of realities attire

We all delight at a childs' love
Yet we help to change that center
Youth must help our cause
Into our lives they enter

Children teachers and students are we
Wearing the hats of all three
Sometimes at desk, other a pulpit
Some times we are playful and glee

Size is the real difference it's true
Between children, teachers and student
One is speaking the others listen
Unless you do both
You might miss the lesson

Which do you think you are now
What does the situation allow
I can be you, you can be me
We are often at times all three

We are all children of God
The real lesson is to love
No one in front, no one behind
Walking side by side
The child, teacher and student

Copyright 1995 Robert Luttrell