The Child

Why keep asking questions?
Why do you need to know
Just keep walking and life
Will begin to show

There is no destination or answers
On this journey that seems so far
It's only a case of trial and error
Just another place to go

Why keep asking questions?
You know where you are
You are on a journey without destination
And you've gone just this far

So, put one foot in front of the other
And try to focus your mind
Not on where your going
And not on the time

You see dear child
It's not the destination
But, it's how you move your feet
It's how you learn to travel
It's in the certain people you meet

This makes it all possible to unravel
Somewhere along the way
So, please stop asking questions
Just keep your mind on the road
For we are all on a journey
That is all one needs to know

Copyright 1995 Robert Luttrell