The Red Dragon

Psssst I'm over here
Here to the right of you
Psst over here to the left of you
Psst over here behind you
Psst over here in front of you
Psst up here above you
Psssst sssshhhhnnnnnnn

Psssst sssssshhhnnnn
Down here below you
Don't you see me?
Look away
See if you can notice me in the periphery
Psssst sssshhhhhnnnnn

Pssst sssshhhhnnnnn
Try to smell me
Try to hear my presence
Try to sense my touch from inside you
Psssst Shhhhnnnnn

Pssst Shhhhhnnnnn
In the pit of your stomach
Pssssst breath out
Sssshnnnn pull down
Down to your center
Psssst Shhhhnnnnn

Pssst Shhhnnnnn
Relax be light
Look with the inner eye
Let me appear
Listen with your inner ear
I'm the Red Dragon
From the desert
Psssssst Shnnnnn

Pssssst Sssshhhhhnnn
I float on the wind
And appear behind the clouds
That's what makes the sunset red
That's who I am
I've been searched for
Searched for by many

Psssst Shhhhhhnnnn
I'm the Red Dragon
The dragon of reception
Be quiet and listen
Pssst breath out
Shhnnnnn pull down
Down to the center
You must be receptive
Psssssst sshhhhhhhhnnnnn

Psssssst sssshhhhnnnnn
Whirling swirling
Receive me to your inside
This is when I'll appear
I'm the Red Dragon
The dragon of reception
I am from the desert
I float with the clouds in the sky
I make sunsets red
I have been searched for by many
That's who I am
Pssssst Shhhhhhnnnnnn

Copyright 1995 Robert Luttrell