Broken Dreams

As you shoot me down with the pain of your stare
wishful hopes and reluctant dreams that deathly murderous glare
Aint it strange how forever turns to this?
we were the perfect couple how could we miss?

You tamed my heart enough to love
never was this what we were thinking of.
Just look at what I have done
its all my fault I have to run

When I left you so long ago
I didn't think you'd come to this
Farthest thought from my mind
That you would end it all like a kiss.

Now I want you back for me
but now its too late you've set yourself free
I must be with you there's only one way
This is the end it happens today
Soon forever beside you ill lay
never moving again...Independence day

Poetry Copyright 1996 Michelle Bradley
Art Copyright 1996 Robert Luttrell