The moon at night shined in our eyes
We promised each no forgiven good-byes
She was leaving me that starry night
We found our feelings of love upright
I held her so, won't let go
I told her so, please don't go

The moon at night went out of sight
She left with sun on the run
I could only hope to see her soon
I missed her eyes under the moon

The years have passed and I've made my way
She never returned from that very day
I think about it once in a while
Her beautiful eyes and lovely smile
And still I wait under that moon
Hoping that one day
Our forgiven good-byes could be renewed

I know it now she will never show
The moon it will just have to glow
With one less set of eyes to shine
And one more broken heart of mine

Poetry Copyright 1996 Rod Smith
Art Copyright 1996 Robert Luttrell